About Me

​Writer. Actor. Huge Broadway fan. Proud Citizen of Bachelor Nation. Owner of Cute Dog. Vegan. Human. Also on the radio.

Born in Montreal, Quebec, I found an escape in acting and writing at an early age, beginning my foray into the creative world in high school. Since then, I have done a bit of acting but I have mostly focused my time on the written word. In the recent years, I have written some television spec scripts, some screenplays, and a few short plays. (My pilot named Assassin was a second rounder at the Austin Film Festival in 2017.) While I very much like film and television, I have a profound love for literature and books, which is why I have studied English at York University in Toronto, having completed my Bachelor's Degree with Honours in 2018. Recently, I finished writing my first novel. It is now looking for a home. 

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